Enable Explicit Filter

Enabling this filter will limit Pandora to playing music that could play on daytime broadcast radio. This can only be applied to the entire account and not specific stations. Note that this can only be applied to the entire account and NOT specific stations. Once set, this will restrict explicit content for that account on all devices, as well.
On the Web:
To enable the explicit filter, sign in to your account, click your email address (or name) in the top right corner and select Settings.
Select "No. Do not allow explicit content." To protect this setting with a PIN, choose a password and an email address to send it to in case you forget the PIN.
Click the Save Changes button when finished.
On the iPhone or iPod:
Launch the Pandora app, tap on Settings, then select Account.
Next to “Allow explicit content” toggle the switch to OFF.

Make sure to tap Save when finished. 

On Android Phone:
If you are currently on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, touch the back arrow in the upper left (near the Pandora icon). Then select the Settings tab.
Select Account and uncheck the box next to “Allow Explicit Content.”
Make sure to tap Save when you are finished.


On an Android Tablet:

Tap the menu icon in the top right and select Settings. Then tap Account.


Once you are in the account screen, you can change the "Allow Explicit Content" option to "off" to filter explicit content (select "on" if you wish to allow explicit content).


Be sure to tap "Save" when you’re finished.

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