Trouble Streaming Pandora on BlackBerry

If you're having issues using Pandora on BlackBerry, try the following steps*:

1. Reboot the device by pulling out the battery.

2. Uninstall the app:

a. Open Options (wrench icon) -» Advanced Options on some devices) -» Applications
b. Select Pandora in the list.
c. Press the menu button.
d. Select Delete.

3. Reinstall the app: Go to on your phone's native web browser

If you're still having issues, the permissions could be wrong. To correct them:

1. Open "Options" (wrench icon) -> Device -> Application Management (on older devices "Options" -> Applications)
2. Select Pandora in the list
3. Press the menu button
4. Select "Edit Permissions"
5. Set the permissions for Connections to “Allow”
6. Interactions to “Allow”
7. User data to "Allow"
8. Press the menu button and select "Save", then try the Pandora app again
9. If it is still not working, go back to "Edit Permissions" and set Interactions to "Custom," then try again.

To disable the OS Firewall: Options -> Security Settings -> Firewall.  Set this to "disabled" and save the changes.

*This feature may not be available outside the U.S.

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