Uber and Pandora

You can now listen to Pandora ad free through the Uber Partner app, whether you are on or off trip!


We've partnered with Uber to offer passengers the option to pick a Pandora station for their trips. Riders may select a station from their Pandora account when connected to a music-enabled ride.


Enable Rider Music
Passenger Instructions
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Enable Rider Music (Driver Instructions):


To become a music-connected Uber driver you must ensure that you have the Enable Rider Music setting activated through the Uber driver app. This will be activated by default when you connect to Pandora on the Uber driver app.


Here is how to connect: uber.com/pandora


Alternatively, you can disable this feature by changing the Enable Rider Music setting.


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Passenger Instructions:


Once a music-connected Uber driver is on their way, you'll see an option to choose your own music for your ride. If the driver is listening to Pandora, you'll be able to see what they're playing. Tap the music bar at the bottom of the screen when your driver is on their way or during your trip to sign up or log into your existing Pandora account. Choose a station and the music will start playing.


This feature will only be available in cars with drivers that have activated the Enable Rider Music setting in the Uber driver app, and have their phone connected via AUX, Bluetooth or USB. You won't need to connect your own mobile device to their system.


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Contact Uber:


To set up Pandora, please go to: uber.com/pandora


For more help, please contact Uber here: help.uber.com


Please note this feature is only available to iOS users at this time. We are working on integrating this feature with the Uber Android app.


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