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  • Pandora on Xbox

    Pandora is now available on Xbox! Visit on your Xbox - Open Internet Browser* - ...

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT
  • Samsung - Setup

    For Samsung Internet@TV*: 1. Press the Info button on the remote control to bring up the Internet@TV menu. 2...

    Oct 30, 2013 11:15AM PDT
  • Sony Set-Up

    For Sony models manufactured before 2013, please follow these instructions: If you don't see Pandora in the ...

    Oct 16, 2013 12:05PM PDT
  • Roku - Setup

    1. Go to the Channel store and scroll to the right until you get to All. Under this category, scroll to the ri...

    Dec 12, 2013 04:13PM PST
  • Sonos - Setup

    To begin setup, click here.* For additional support here's how to contact Sonos: Support Link:

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT
  • TiVo - Setup

    1. On the home screen (TiVo Central) you should see a menu with a list of items.* Scroll down to Music and Pho...

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT
  • Livio - Setup

    From a web browser, go to * There are two choices for registrations, depending on whet...

    Oct 29, 2013 03:34PM PDT
  • LG Blu-Ray - Setup

    1. At the home screen, navigate to the Netcast icon, and press Enter on your remote. 2. Navigate to the Pando...

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT
  • Yahoo Widgets - Setup

    Follow these instructions to setup the Pandora Yahoo Widget on Samsung & Vizio:* 1. Press the Internet bu...

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT
  • Insignia - Setup

    1. Launch Pandora and you will see the wecome screen with an activation code.* 2. On your computer, enter the...

    Jun 05, 2013 01:58PM PDT

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