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  • New Features on iOS

    Start waking up to music you love – the Pandora alarm clock is now available for iPad Pick your your fa...

    Apr 14, 2014 09:19AM PDT
  • How to use Pandora on iPhone & iPod Touch

    Tap the Pandora app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to launch Pandora and start listening. Signing in with an ex...

    Mar 26, 2014 04:50PM PDT
  • How to use Pandora on iPad

    Tap the Pandora app on your iPad to launch Pandora and start listening. Signing in with an existing Pandora ...

    Apr 14, 2014 09:25AM PDT
  • Trouble Streaming Pandora on iOS

    If you're having issues using Pandora on iOS, try the following steps: 1. Reboot the device by shutting it do...

    Apr 17, 2014 01:17PM PDT
  • Creating Pandora One Accounts on iOS

    You can create a Pandora One account by upgrading through your existing Pandora account. You can also create ...

    Apr 10, 2014 05:37PM PDT
  • Manage your Pandora One Subscription on iOS Devices

    If you purchased your Pandora One subscription through the iTunes Store from an iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad,...

    Dec 07, 2013 05:01PM PST
  • Update your iOS

    You can update your iOS a couple of different ways: If your device is running iOS 5 or later, you can update ...

    Oct 17, 2013 06:10PM PDT
  • Alarm Clock for iOS

    Setting the Alarm Using the Alarm with the Sleep Timer Waking and Snoozing Troubleshooting ...

    Apr 14, 2014 09:44AM PDT
  • Using Airplay with Pandora

    If you are having trouble finding the Airplay button, keep in mind that the AirPlay button will only show when...

    Oct 30, 2013 05:49PM PDT
  • Sleep Timer for iOS

    The Pandora app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has a sleep timer you can set to make your station stop p...

    Feb 12, 2014 04:30PM PST

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