Gift Subscriptions

Purchase a Gift Subscription

Redeem a Gift Subscription

Purchase a Gift Subscription

The cost of a one year Pandora One Gift Subscription is $54.89.

You will need to be signed into your Pandora account in order to purchase a gift subscription. If you do not currently have a Pandora account, you can create one for free by clicking on Sign Up HERE.

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Redeem your Gift Subscription

To redeem your gift subscriptions visit from your computer (not a mobile device).

To continue the redemption process, you may be prompted for your login information (email address and password) along with the code included on your gift subscription.

*Please note that if you are a current Pandora One listener, you will first need to cancel the autorenewal of your annual or monthly Pandora One subscription in order to redeem your gift subscription. Your gift susbcription will not be activated until your current Pandora One subscription expires.

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