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How to use Pandora on iPhone & iPod Touch

Tap the Pandora app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to launch Pandora and start listening.

Signing in with an existing Pandora account:
After launching the app, enter the email address and password you used to register with Pandora and press ‘Sign In’. (If you do not know your password, tap the ‘Forgot password?' link. You will receive a password-reset email to your registered Pandora email address.)

Signing in without an existing Pandora account:
Tap ‘Register,' fill in all required fields, check acknowledgment of our terms of service, and tap ‘Register.'

Creating a new station, or selecting a different Pandora station to listen to:
Tap on the "Create a New Station" search bar that is located at the top of our app. You can then type the name of an Artist or Song in the text-box. The search should auto-complete; however, you can also press the blue "Search" button once you're done typing to find a list of relevant artists or songs.

Also from the initial search screen, you can view and select our curated genre stations in-app. Instead of typing out an artist or song in the search box, tap on the "Browse Genre Stations" option that appears underneath it.

Editing Shuffle:
To edit which stations are played during Shuffle, first tap "Shuffle" at the top of your station list to start it. Then, return to the Station List by tapping in the top left corner. You will now see a little arrow to the right of "Shuffle". Tap that arrow and choose the stations you want to Shuffle.

Deleting a station:
While on the Station List, swipe your finger across the station name, and tap the red 'Delete' button that appears.

You can also delete a station by tapping the station you would like to delete then tap ‘Options’. A pop up menu will appear where you can choose to ‘Delete Station’. 

If the station you want to delete is on the Now Playing screen, tap the back arrow button in the upper left hand corner to return you to the station list.

Viewing recently played tracks:
From the Now Playing screen, tap the album artwork. You'll be able to swipe with your finger through your recently-played tracks to see album art, as well as artist, track and album title information.

Running Pandora in the background:
While Pandora is playing, click the Home button to return to the desktop and select another app. Pandora will continue to play music in the background.

Pausing the music or skipping a song while Pandora is running in the background:
When you're done listening to Pandora, all you need to do is to press Pause and leave the app by hitting the Home button or going to another app. When paused and backgrounded, Pandora will use no CPU -- iOS will effectively halt the process.

There are several convenient ways to pause:

1. Open the app and pause from the Now Playing screen.
2. From the lock screen, the audio controls should display automatically when you press the home button. If not, press the home button again to bring them up. (Skip works here too.)
3. With the phone unlocked, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center. Here you will find all of your Pandora play controls. (Skip works here too.)
4. Press the "microphone button" on Apple earbuds. (Double-clicking the button will skip too.)

Quit Pandora once it is running in the background:
Press the Home button twice to bring up the list of currently running apps. Swipe the screen to the left or right until you find Pandora. Once you see Pandora, swipe the preview up and it will disappear. The app is now completely closed.

Bookmarking a song or artist, buying a song or album from iTunes,* and emailing stations to friends:
Tap the menu arrow between the Thumbs for these options.

Viewing and buying Bookmarks:*
From your Stations list, tap the Profile tab on the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘Bookmarks’ and you can play a short sample of each song by tapping the play button next to the song. Additionally, you can buy your bookmarks from iTunes or share the track with a friend via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, by tapping the name of the song.

Editing stations:
From your Stations list, tap the station you'd like to edit. Tap on ‘Add Variety’ to add additional artist or track seeds Tap ‘Options’ then ‘Station Details’ to view the station’s seeds, thumbed up and thumbed down tracks. To delete a seed or thumbed track, tap and hold the artist’s name or track title until a red ‘Delete’ button appears. Tapping on the red ‘Delete’ button will remove the seed or thumb from your station details. 

Changing the audio quality:
While on your station list, tap Settings on the bottom of the screen. Tap on Advanced and then you can toggle “Higher quality audio” either ON or OFF. 

We recommend you only do this when you have a strong connection to your cellular-data network. WiFi connections automatically support higher quality audio.

Setting The Sleep Timer:

From the "Now Playing" screen, tap the button in the top right to open the Menu. Tap "Sleep Timer" and select the amount of time you would like Pandora to play before stopping.

Using the Alarm Clock:

You can now wake up to your favorite Pandora station on the iPhone/iPod with the new Alarm Clock feature! Includes snooze options and a separate volume setting.  Find step by step instructions with screenshots here.

Signing out of Pandora to use a different account:
Tap Settings on the bottom of the screen. Then tap Sign out, then confirm.

You should always sign out of Pandora before you sell, return or loan your iOS device to anyone, as wiping the iOS or changing your Pandora password may not break the association between your account and that device.

Uninstalling Pandora:
Hold down the Pandora icon on the iPhone desktop until all the icons start wiggling. Tap the x that appears over the Pandora icon.

*This feature may not be available outside the U.S.

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