How to Listen to Pandora in the Car

Regardless of the way you listen to Pandora in your car, be sure to AVOID BEING DISTRACTED while driving.

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Pandora-enabled stereo and navigation units *

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This requires the purchase of a car stereo or navigation unit that supports Pandora-specific controls.

All of the currently available systems that support full integration with car stereo controls still require a smartphone to handle the actual music streaming. However, with these systems your car stereo will provide direct access to Pandora features--you won't have to touch your smartphone to control the music.

For your safety:

  • ONLY use your mobile device when allowed by law and conditions permit safe use.
  • ALWAYS set up your mobile device and start Pandora before beginning to drive. Avoid interacting with your device while the vehicle is in motion.
  • NEVER let your use of a mobile device distract you from the driving task. Always drive safely, with your hands on the wheel and eyes and attention on the road.

*This feature may not be available outside the U.S.

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