Creating Pandora One Accounts on the Web


You can create a Pandora One account by upgrading through your existing Pandora account.  You can also create additional Pandora One accounts.


Keep in mind that Pandora One accounts are meant for individual, non-commercial use. Click here for more info.


Pandora One subscriptions follow the account, not the device, so you will be able to use your Pandora One subscription on any computer or device you own.


Upgrade an Existing Account on a Computer


Create Additional Pandora One Accounts on a Computer 


Upgrade an Existing Account

Click on Upgrade in the upper right hand corner of our site.  

Then choose your method of payment: credit card or Paypal.

If you choose to pay by credit card, enter your credit card information on the Payment Information page. 

If you choose to pay by Paypal you will be redirected to their site to complete the transaction. To learn more about Paypal or to sign up for a Paypal account, please visit their website by clicking here

You will then be charged $4.99 USD/month or $54.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable).

Create Additional Pandora One Accounts  

You can create additional Pandora One accounts on your computer by following these steps:


First, sign out of the Pandora One account that you’re currently using:


On the upper right-hand of the screen, click on your email address (or if your account is connected to your Facebook account, on your name), and click on ‘Sign Out’ from the drop-down menu.



Second, create a new Pandora account following the directions here


Third, upgrade your newly created Pandora account to a Pandora One account:


Go to click on ‘Upgrade Now’ to complete the upgrade process.


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