Disable Pop-up Blocker for Pandora

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Tools menu, and select Pop-up Blocker.
  • Select Pop-up Blocker Settings...
  • Enter pandora.com and click Add.
  • Click Close.


  • Click on the Tools menu, and select Options... (on a Mac: Firefox -» Preferences).
  • Click the Content icon.
  • Next to the Block Popup Windows option, click on Exceptions.
  • Enter pandora.com and click Allow.
  • Click OK to close that window, then click OK again to close the Options window.


  • Click the wrench icon in the upper right, and select Options (on a Mac: select Preferences).
  • Select Under the Hood.
  • Under Privacy, click the Content Settings button.
  • Select the Pop-ups tab and click Exceptions.
  • Use the the add button (on a Mac: use the + button) and then enter www.pandora.com to add an exception.


  • Click on the Safari menu
  • Make sure that Block Pop-Up Windows is not checked.

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