Sharing on Pandora

Pandora will share to your Pandora profile by default. If your profile is public, Pandora will also share to your followers' music feeds.


To learn how manage your privacy settings, click here.


If you'd like to share a station or track through Facebook, Twitter, or email, choose the device you are using below:


Sharing on a Computer
Sharing on an iOS Device
Sharing on an Android Device 




Sharing from a Computer


From the now playing screen:

  1. Hover your cursor over the album art.
  2. Click the ellipses that appears underneath the Album art
  3. Select Share located at the end of the menu
  4. From there you can choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter and include a message. You can also copy the link if you'd like to share it through another medium.

From the Song/Artist Details Screen:

Click the Share button located to the right of the Play button at the top of the screen.

You can post to a connected Facebook or Twitter account, or select Copy Link to share a direct link instead.


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Sharing on an iOS Device:


To share a track or station by email, Facebook, or Twitter, please follow these steps:

From the “Now Playing” screen:

  1. Tap the album artwork.
  2. Tap the Share icon just below the album title and choose whether you’d like to share the station or the track.
    • To share on Facebook or Twitter, select the Facebook and/or Twitter options to specify which site you would like to use for sharing, write an optional message to your followers, and select Post in the upper right.
    • To share a track or station via email, select Email and enter the email address of whomever you'd like to share the track or station with, or tap the + sign to add addresses from your contacts. Write an optional message, and tap Post.

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________________________________________________________________________________________________Sharing on an Android Device:


From the Now Playing screen:

  1. Touch the album artwork.
  2. Tap on the Share icon. There you will have the option to share the Station or Track, write a message, and post to your Pandora profile, Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
    • If you would like to also share the station/track on Facebook or Twitter, tap on the icon of the site you want share with. Then, touch the arrow in the upper right corner to post it to your Pandora activity feed, as well as Facebook or Twitter.
    • If you’d prefer to email the station or track to a friend, select the option to Email. Select your preferred email app. Then enter in the address of whomever you'd like to share the track or station with.

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