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Verizon FiOS TV - Setup

How do I find Pandora on FiOS TV?*

Pandora is in the Widgets Storefront. To access the Widgets Storefront:

•   Click the “Widgets” button on the FiOS remote control or
•   Click the Menu button, then select Widgets from the Main Menu

Once inside the Widget Storefront:

- Select the “Pandora” icon in the Music and Video category to launch Pandora.

How do I sign in if I already have a Pandora account?

Select "I have a Pandora account," then enter your registered Pandora email address and password. First time users are directed to go to their computer to enter an activation code which instantly links their Pandora account to their FiOS TV set top box. 

How do I get started if I don't have a Pandora account?

Select "I am New to Pandora.” The next screen will direct you to go to your computer to enter an activation code and set up a Pandora account for free.

How do I Bookmark a song or artist, switch to a different Pandora account, or quit the Pandora application?

Press the “Options” button on the FiOS remote control to view several options. Use your arrow keys to select:

•    Bookmark this artist to bookmark the artist you are listening to
•    Sign Out to allow you to sign back in with another account

Press the “Exit” button to quit the application. 

How do I view my Bookmarks?

For now, you will have to sign into www.pandora.com on your computer, using your same account email and password, in order to view Bookmarks. Once signed into Pandora on your computer, click the "Your Profile" button above the main Pandora controls on our homepage.

How do I give a song Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down?

The Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down buttons are located next to the Pause/Play button under the song image.  Use your arrow keys to select Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and click OK to select.

How do I create a new station, or select a different Pandora station to listen to?

You can create a new station by selecting the B button on the FiOS remote control or switch to a different station by selecting the "Back" button and selecting the name of a different station.

How do I delete a station I no longer want?

While playing the station you want to delete, select the “Options” button and choose Delete this Station.

Why are there limits on how many songs I can skip?

These limits are part of our music licenses, which are what allow us to play such a wide range of great music for free.

How do I sign out to use a different Pandora account?

Press the “Options” button and use your arrow keys to select Sign Out. Then sign in with another account.

*These features may not be available outside the U.S.

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