Create a Station

Below are the instructions for creating, editing, and deleting your stations on ad-supported Pandora and Pandora Plus.


If you're looking to learn about Stations on Pandora Premium, click here.


On a Mobile Device

  1. Tap Create Station from your Stations list.
  2. Enter the name of an Artist, Song, or Genre in the text-box. The search should auto-complete; however, you can also tap the search button once to find a list of relevant artists or songs.
    • To view and select our curated genre stations or browse station recommendations, tap Browse on the initial search screen instead of typing out an artist or song in the search box.
    • Select the name of the music you want to create your new station. Then your station will immediately start playing.

On the Computer

If you'd like to search for an artist or song without creating a station, simply type it in the Create a Station field of the home page, but don't press enter.

  • After you enter text in the search-box, there is an option to "See all Search Results" at the very bottom of the drop-down menu. Click that and you can view all the search results.
  • If you'd like to try out a genre station, click

Once you find the station that best matches what you were looking for you can click the Create Station button to add it to your current station list.






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