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Autoplay is a mobile-only experience and is not available on Pandora Premium for web.

What is Autoplay?

How do I stop autoplay?

Autoplay is not working: Troubleshooting Autoplay



What is Autoplay?


If you listen or skip through an entire playlist, or finish your selected on-demand content, we’ll automatically transition you to an Autoplay station so that we can keep the music going. Autoplay stations are created based on the music you’ve been listening to recently, and may include some unfamiliar tracks.


Pandora Premium listeners will automatically have access to the feature, and can manage via Settings > Advanced, or with a toggle on the bottom of any track, album, and playlist.


Please note that because we personalize your Autoplay station based on your recent listening habits, your Autoplay stations may be different each time.


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How to stop Autoplay


To disable the Autoplay feature for a specific playlist:

  1. Open the playlist.
  2. Scroll down just past the last song.
  3. Toggle the "Autoplay On” switch OFF.

To disable Autoplay for all of your playlists:

  1. Open the Pandora app and go to your Settings.
  2. Click on Advanced.
  3. Toggle the switch Off.

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Troubleshooting Autoplay


If your Autoplay station did not begin playing automatically at the conclusion of your curated playlist, there may be a problem with your connectivity or settings.

  1. Autoplay requires an internet connection, so you won’t be able to utilize this feature while listening offline.
  2. Make sure that your Autoplay option is turned on.
    • To turn Autoplay for a specific playlist: Simply open the playlist, scroll down to the last song, and make sure that the Autoplay switch is toggled On.
    • To turn Autoplay On for all of your stations: go to your Settings. Next, click on Advanced, and toggle the switch On.

Lastly, Autoplay is not a feature when casting or streaming to certain devices, like Chromecast, so your casting session will automatically end when your playlist is over.


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