Add Album Art, Biography and Lyrics to your Station

All of the biographical and lyrical information on Pandora comes from partner services. We don't write or host this material ourselves.


If you're an artist who would like to update your album art, lyrical or biographical information, please follow the instructions below:


Update my Album Art on Pandora

Your album art should automatically load on our site within one or two weeks of your music going live.

If you do not see your album art on Pandora after your music has started spinning, please send us a 500x500 .jpg file of the album artwork, and we will manually upload it.


Update my biography on Pandora


Our biographical information is hosted by TiVo. If you are an artist or record label that needs to make updates please email


Update my lyrics on Pandora


Our lyrical content is hosted by LyricFind. If you want to have your lyrical content displayed on Pandora, please contact LyricFind's publishing administrator, Nik McLeod, at and CC



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