Why Ads?

Purpose of ads
Why am I receiving ads from the wrong city?
I paid for a subscription. Why am I still seeing ads?


Purpose of ads


Ads help us pay the bills. Free Pandora listener accounts are primarily supported by advertising, including video, audio and visual advertisements.

Pandora's streaming music service is associated with significant costs, including music royalties we pay on every song we play, each and every time we play it. Advertising allows us to cover those costs while offering you a lot of great music for free.

Upgrading your Pandora account to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium will remove all forms of outside advertising from Pandora. You can upgrade here.

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Why am I receiving ads from the wrong city?


We target ads based on your registration information (zip code, gender and birth year) to provide relevant advertisements. If you are receiving ads that aren't relevant to your current location, you might want to double-check that all your registration info is up to date.


For more info on how to update your zip code, click here.

For more info on the information we collect during the registration process, click here.

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I paid for a subscription. Why am I still seeing ads?


If you've paid for a Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscription, but your account is not reflecting the subscription you've chosen, run through the following steps:


  1. Try signing out and signing back in by visiting your Pandora Settings. Click Account then Sign Out.
  2. If you bought your subscription through iTunes or Google Play, try restoring your subscription. Your subscription may have transferred to another account. Transferring of subscriptions occurs when one or two people are using the same app store account on their devices, but different Pandora accounts.
  3. If you're still not able to see that your subscription has applied to your account, let us help! Before you contact us, review your bank statement to see which store charged you and include the following information in your email:
    • any (other) email addresses you may have used for your account
    • the Birth Year and Zip Code on that account
    • The name of the store that appears on your bank statement that charged you (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Pandora). If you were charged through Google Play, please let us know what Gmail address your Google Play account is under.

    Only If you were charged directly from Pandora, please send all of the following information about the card that was charged:

    • the FIRST 4 digits of that card
    • the LAST 4 digits of that card (DO NOT SEND US YOUR FULL CREDIT CARD NUMBER)
    • the DATE of the charge(s)
    • the NAME that appears on the card

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