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Where can I view Pandora's privacy policy?
Why does Pandora need my ZIP Code, Gender, and Birth Year?
I entered my birthdate, but can't register for a Pandora account. Why?
What does Pandora do with my information?
Opt Out of Pandora Marketing Emails


Where can I view your current privacy policy?


For our current Privacy Policy, click here


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Why does Pandora need my ZIP Code, Gender, and Birth Year?


Pandora collects registration data - birth year/age, gender and zip code - to customize and improve the products, services, content and advertising we provide to listeners.


For example, the free version of Pandora is supported by advertisements, and we want to be able to show the most relevant ads to our listeners. We use the three pieces of demographic information you provide at registration -- age, gender, and zip code -- to personalize advertising on Pandora. This means we may pass anonymized age, gender or zip code information to our ad-serving partners so they can personalize the ads you see.  Please note, however, that our advertisers never know who they are serving such ads to -- merely that it is an anonymous person of a particular age, gender, and/or location.


TIP: When registering for a Pandora account, be sure to enter just your Birth Year (i.e: 1975) - Not your full birthdate


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I entered my birthdate, but can't register for a Pandora account. Why?


Due to federal privacy requirements, we cannot allow children under the age of thirteen to open or have their own accounts for the Pandora service in the United States.


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What does Pandora do with my information?


The current privacy policy states that Pandora might collect your name, address, or phone number if you choose to provide this information to Pandora in connection with certain features and/or rewards offered through the Service, and that Pandora might then use the information to provide you with the feature and/or reward.


Pandora does not give or sell your personal information for marketing purposes without your permission. We may send you emails regarding technical support, promotional offers, or our opt-in "Inside The Genome" newsletter, or similar purposes. You may opt-out of promotional, marketing and similar emails. However, you cannot opt out of service-related emails, which are not promotional in nature.


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Opt Out of Pandora Marketing Emails, Artist Messages, and other Notifications


On a computer:

  1. Click your email address in the top right corner.
  2. Go to > Settings > Notices.
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to the type of notifications, emails, and messages you no longer wish to receive.
On a Mobile Device:
  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Uncheck the boxes next to the type of notifications you no longer wish to receive.
You can also edit the notification settings on your Pandora account using this link.

Please keep in mind that no matter what notification preference you set, all registered Pandora users will receive occasional communication about important updates to the service. We try to make these as infrequent as possible. The only way to prevent yourself from ever receiving any communication from us is to cancel your account.  

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